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High Index and Aspheric Lenses

What are High Index Lenses?

A high index lens is a lens that has a higher “index” of refraction. This means it has a greater ability to bend light rays to provide clear vision for people with stronger prescription glasses. But that’s the technical terminology. What do high index lenses mean for those needing eye wear?

Thinner, lighter, and more visually appealing, that’s what! High index lenses are manufactured to provide a thinner lens, both in the centre and the edge of the lenses, and lighter in weight overall.

High index lenses are a good option for all people who have high optical prescriptions. A high-index lens can bend light rays more, while using less material in lenses created for both short sighted (myopic) and farsighted (hyperopic) people. An anti- reflective (AR) treatment is standard on these lenses to optimise vision comfort.