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Behavioural Optometrist

behavioural optometrist in Glenelg

What is behavioural optometry?

Most people are born with healthy eyes, but in the process of growing up there may be some gaps in the development of their visual systems. Your behavioural optometrist is interested in this process of development, and is able to diagnose problems and treat these gaps in your vision using vision therapy. Vision therapy is the careful selection of tasks that provide the visual system with the learning experiences it needs to fill those gaps.

There is more to “vision” than 20/20 (6/6); sight and vision are not the same.

SIGHT is the process where a light impulse reaches the retina. When we measure sight, we are measuring the physical structure of the eye.

VISION involves processing information from both eyes and using this to interpret our environment. Many children who are experiencing problems in the classroom have clear “sight” but are unable to effectively use their “vision” due to poorly developed visual skills.

Efficient visual skills involve using both eyes together. When both eyes move, align, fixate and focus as a team, interpretation and comprehension are easier. Once these skills become subconscious through vision therapy it frees up energy and focus for actual learning e.g. learning to read vs reading to learn.

Vision is a learned process.

  • The following signs or symptoms may be an indication that your child has a vision problem: eyes not appearing straight, excessive blinking, unnecessary eye movements and more.