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Customised Lenses

Lenses and the DNEye Scanner - Providing a Customised Solution for Your Eyewear

Vision is a dynamic process, and our eyes can move up to 250,000 times a day to focus at
distance and near, as well as orient ourselves as we move around.
In keeping with our commitment to provide our patients with optimal vision outcomes from
their prescription eyewear, we have invested in the Rodenstock DNEye Scanner, an
instrument that enables us to record the dimensions of an individual’s eyes. This data is
then incorporated by our preferred lens manufacturer, Rodenstock, into their lens designs,
enabling us to provide a unique and tailor-made solution for each patient.
Using thousands of measurements of the eye, our B.I.G. (Biometrically Intelligent Glasses)
lenses are able to support clearer vision at any angle and in all positions of gaze compared
to other lenses which rely on standard calculations that only suit around 2% of the

DNEye Scanner

Even when individual parameters are not available for a patient, Rodenstock are able to use
AI (Artificial Intelligence) and their extensive database to incorporate more accurate
biometric measurements into their lenses, offering a superior vision experience for the
wearer – the B.I.G.- Norm!
This technology can be applied to a wide range of lenses. Chat to one of our friendly staff
about your vision needs and “See the Difference”!

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