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“For the times they are a-changin’”

(with apologies to Bob Dylan!)



Who would have thought that March 2020 would bring such unusual beginnings for the three newborns associated with our practice.  Gina, one of our dispensers, became a grandmother for the first time, our dispenser Tarra has had her bub, a little girl, and Ian’s daughter Rebekah has just had our 8th grandchild – none of whom we can visit and enjoy those early and precious hugs. :-(

I know that in the long term these frustrations will seem minor, but at the moment for the health and safety of so many people and in line with the Department of Health advice for Allied Health Professionals, we have implemented the following changes:

  • As of July, in line with the latest Health directive, we are transitioning back to more “normal” practice  including resuming Saturday appointments. We still need to manage social distancing requirements so would appreciate your understanding if we ask you to make an appointment even if it is just for a collection or adjustment!
  • If you are at all concerned please ring us for a chat so we can ascertain the best way to manage your situation.
  • Whilst we have always prided ourselves on the immaculate presentation of our practice, it is looking even more spruce than normal – we wonder whether there will be any surface finish left by the end of this pandemic and we are all getting used to working in what smells like a distillery!
  • And in the interests of public safety we have disposed of all magazines and waiting room material – we hope your visit will be brief but if you do anticipate a wait you might want to bring your own reading matter.

A big thank you to all for your loyalty during these interesting times!

 Best wishes

Ian, Jo, Rachel, Kristy, Gina and Trisha

The HoldfastBay Optometry Team